Lverpool did the double over ManU? You cannot be serious man…

If somebody told you that ManU would lose 1-4 to Liverpool tonight, he must be either somebody who needs his head examined or a clairvoyant, or a total ignorance of EPL or a raving lunatic like late Screaming Lord Sutch. But believe you me, that ‘s what happened tonight. It was really amazing to see ManU being bamboozled for once and  the lady Luck abandonned them.  It was uncharacteristic of either team, well, I maybe exaggerating a bit as far Liverpool is concerned – they played well and truly according to their characteristics – superb aganist a good team, rubbish against a poor team. They showed that against Real Madrid over the week and again versus ManU tonight.  To cap it all, they did it at the Theatre of Dreams – Old Trafford. For the life of me I cannot remember the last time ManU was beaten so convincingly at Old Trafford. I think the showboating had a lot to contribute to it. You see, ManU is leading the table by seven points with a game in hand. Their arrogance is understandable. Having said that, the defeat to Liverpool tonight is actually a wake up call to them. I still believe they are still on course to the historic quadruple. After all Liverpool had the habit of dropping points agains a weaker team. Despite the defeat ManU still leads the table. It is just that Liverpool managed to show that at times they can be better than ManU. While it last enjoy it. Ok folks, tonight and I reckon for a long time to come, the record of Liverpool beating ManU 4-1 at old Trafford would be difficult to beat.


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