DUKE of Hazards revisited

The other day, I wrote about the jam on the MRR2 southbound caused by the newly opened DUKE. Things has not improved but I found a rather ironic way of bypassing the MRR2 jam – by taking the DUKE highway!

By entering the highway from the Setiawangsa entrance point and exiting at the Keramat run off area, hence, bypassing the jam that normally tails off all the way to the zoo. It is rather ironic that now I am actually part of the party that caused the jam on the MRR2. But then, you can enter and exit the runoff area a lot faster via DUKE than MRR2, despite the long queue. Now I can  start from home even at five past seven as compared to quarter to seven two weeks ago.  For those coming from  Melawati, Wangsa Maju, Setapak, and Wangsa Melawati, I propose  they enter the DUKE at Setiawangsa and exit at Keramat to avoid the jam along the MRR2. And there is no toll as the entry point is after  Air Panas toll booth.


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