Non stop election mode

Someone commented the other day that this country is in election mode ever since march last year even if the election was over and done with almost a year ago. Fortunately we have a matured business community and civil servants that keep the country chugging along. With the world on the brink of economic collapse, I cannot believe we are still wasting so much time, energy, brain power, and of course money on political bickerings. We should be focussing our collective efforts on finding ways and means to counter the rising tide of economic chaos. Even sturdy economies of German, France, Japan, and even China are already reeling under the intense pressure of economic meltdown. Even giants like GM, Lloyds bank, and Barclays had to seek trillions of ringgits of rescue money. And yet we are still worry about the two or three ‘Bukits’, nude or some reports say semi nude photos of a politician’s sleeping (huh…sleeping politician?), assemblypersons jumping ships, etc – all about politics. I shudder at the thought of how we are going to manage this year and next year. maybe we should petition our members of parliaments to stop politicking for a while  and begin to take a serious look at the global economic crisis and formulate solid rock defence mechanism to cushion the impact of the economic pressure.


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