Lucky Devils

I have not commented on the EPL for quite sometime but after watching the Red Devils marched incessantly to the top of the table tonight I have to say something. Somehow I had this sense of deja vu that we have seen this before. Many times in fact in the past. The Devils had the strength of character and depth, even though Bolton parked their buses infront of their goal, you get this feeling that it is just a question of time before ManU would nick a goal. And it happened again tonight like so many times before – they scored right at the end – a real hallmark of a champion. No how they play, they still win the game. Once ManU is at the top it is extremely difficult to dislodge them. And I had this  feeling that they would stay top till the end of the season. Well, to be fair, judging from their performance tonight and the match against Chelsea last week, they deserved it. Poor Liverpool, which has to battle in a local derby on Monday. Again, I had this uneasy feeling that they are beginning to suffer from nerves. Their draw at Stoke last week evidently displayed that. Sigh… we have to tolerate the swagger of Sir Alex and his Devils again this year. Even sadder is to see Notts Forest struggling in the Championship. I am still harbouring the hope that one day top flight football would return to the City Ground.


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