Chronicle of haj: Madinah

The second time that I shed tears in Makkah when I bade goodbye to the Kaabah. It was such a poignant moment, the flow of the tears were unstoppable. I felt so sad to leave Makkah as I felt I may not be able to see it alive ever again. Despite the profusion of doa, under the current financial and health situation, I cannot fathom myself here again. But then again, Allah is all The Powerful one. If He so wishes, I maybe here again next month, next year or even next week. I really hope I can come back and savour the closeness to God again. Despite the trials and tribulations of Makkah, it is still the place to be. The feeling when you see the Kaabah for the first time is undescribeable. So the morning when we left Makkah, the bus were suppose to leave at 8.00am but by 8.30am they were still loading the luggage to the top of bus. Yeah, the luggage were loaded to the rooftop and covered with tarpaulin – just like old times. Mind you the made in China buses were not too old but the loading technique was old. The 467km journey to Madinah took about seven hours and we arrived just about Asar. I managed to pray asar at the the entrance of the Ladies gate – masbuq.

Madinah is definitely more orderly, more Arabic, more peaceful, cleaner and more beautiful. The Nabawi mosque is stricter in enforcing regulations. Ladies and men have separate entrances and that certainly avoid many embarassing situations like in Makkah where men and women prayed next to each other – which i find quite tricky at times. In Madinah we stayed at the Ansar Golden hotel, just infront of the Ladies gate. And I love Madinah immediately.


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