Thank you Mrs Jagjeet Singh.

Several weeks ago, I mentioned a certain Mrs Jagjeet Singh or Mrs J as we fondly called her,  the English instructor extraordinaire. Tomorrow would be the last session of the English lessons. One thing for sure, I am more careful now with my English, be it written or spoken. Mrs J brought me back to the world of English grammar that I have forgoten. Until recently, I am propagating the “redah saja” school of thought. What that means is that, you just put your thought forward regardless of the correctness of the grammar. The thrust is to get the message across. Basically, that was the principle behind the so called ‘communicational English’ – the type English that I grew up with and lived with thus far. While it was adequate to get me this far but it can be embarassingly insufficient at times.

When I first met Mrs J, I was rather sceptical whether she can rescue my English. She speaks with an Indian accent, unlike the normal pretentiously Queenish English teachers that I have met along the way. Mind you, I always had this impression that English teachers are weird and pretentious lot. They always try to be more English than Johnny Cheese or Jane Smith. Blame that to the English teachers that I have interacted with so far . LOL. But Mrs J is different, not only she drilled into us the basic of English grammar, she taught us health science, PE, communication, finance and she leads by example. I cannot imagine trekking to Everest Base Camp in November at ripe old age of 68! She just did that and came back to to show us the video of her feat. She is supremely confident of herself so much so that you can be forgiven for thinking that she is incessantly advertising herself and she can get away with mistakes without us realising them.

After her class I make extra effort to re-read all my English emails and blog posts prior to posting or sending them. Mind you she even corrects my emails! Last week she took us dancing, trekking, marketing, and brunching (now I wonder if she is going to point out to me that there is no such a word exists!)

Now, the class is coming to the end, she promised to show us how to make a delectable chappati. Huh, I heard you said, what kind of English teacher is that? – that is Mrs J for you. English learning is fun and learning should be enjoyable and fun, more so with students of our age.

So, Mrs J, we salute you, thank you so much.


4 thoughts on “Thank you Mrs Jagjeet Singh.

  1. Hi , I can’t recall your name . It would be good to know your identity please. I like to keep touch. Thank you for the lovely complimentary write-up. Of course when you are 70 years praises do cheer you up – not that I am looking for them. But enjoy them when they come.
    MRS J

    1. Mrs J,
      I am one of your course participants from the MoE in 2008, who was fortunate enough to join one of your poco-poco sessions in TTDI.

  2. Hi Mrs J,

    I am looking for an English Trainer/tutor for my colleagues, how do I reach you? Can you please email me your details to

    Thanking you in advance.


    ps: Megat, thanks for making this post!

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