Chronicles of a pilgrimage 1

My English instructor,the amazing Mrs J, made a frank and brutal comment regarding the standard of my English proficiency and I must say I totally agree with her. The truth always hurts, but in this case I kind of anticipate the comment, so it was not so painful. In a nutshell, she said my general command of English is still so-so, but my vocabulary is slightly better. I must admit, I had this fatal attraction to pomposity as far as the use of words is concern. This is where I admire my colleague, Lucia, whose English is simple, lucid, direct to the point, and extremely effective.
That aside, as of yesterday,the countdown to my pilgrimage to Makkah to perform the Hajj has started. I’ll try my best to chronicle the build up to the trip, which insyaallah will be on the 24 Nov 2008. I am not really sure how to describe the cauldron of emotion swirling inside me currently. On one hand I am really anticipating the journey with eagerness. After all, we have been waiting for this opportunity for years. On the other hand, am I ready for it? The apprehensiveness is sometime overwhelming, especially after hearing so many stories about ‘strange’ happenings in the holy land. Fortunately, a few level headed advices calmed me down. The thing to remember is that we are in Makkah as the Guest of Allah. He would not have invited you if He thinks that you are not up to it. So, with that advice, I am psyching myself to be as ready as I can be. Just take one day at a time. Today, I ticked off a few items from my physical check list. The mental and spiritual checklists are a bit more difficult to satisfy. Today, I bought a few t-shirts with those little zipper pockets i front. We were advised by the travlel agent to be prepared for a slightly cooler temperature, dustier environ ment


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