Excellent English for Protocol

Well, it has been quite a while since I wrote my previous post. I did mention previously that  I am currently attending an Englsih course. More on that later, but to share with you, this is one of the perks of working with the goold ole His Majesty’s Government – every now and then you get the chance to attend courses to improve yourself. You even had the choice to choose what type of course that you think you should attend. That is the kind of distance that His Majesty’s Government goes to accommodate the wishes of its servants. Mind you, these courses are not cheap. They can run up to thousands of ringgit per person. It is a real pity if the Government servants do not make full use of the opportunities to improve themselves.

Back to the course that I am currently attending. It is not one of those run of the mill courses. It is quite extraordinary actually. The title alone is enough to bamboozle you. The course content is an eclectic mix of English grammar, health tips, motivational talks, vocabulary and public speaking – all rolled into one by the the instructor extraordinaire – a perky 68-year old lady! I tell you, she is no ordinary grandma. She dances the waltz, takes 6-km walks daily, climbs mountains regularly, and on top of that cooks for the family, irons her husbands clothes daily, tutors her grandchildren and of counducts courses for people like me. In fact, she is going to the Everest Base Camp next week. Her enthusiasm is infectious, even the most battle hardened ignorant like yours truly cannot help but to respond to her constant prodding of the conscience. Ummph… after going through her revision of grammar, it is truly embarassing to reread my error ridden earlier posts. Maybe I should delete them all. On the other hand, I should preserve them as they are all artefacts my ignorance and monument of my language shortcomings. BTW, do you know the difference between “everyday” and “every day”? Aha… if you don’t, you have to attend Madam J amazing English lessons. LOL.


2 thoughts on “Excellent English for Protocol

  1. HI megaterawispanjialam,

    Yes, I got into your blog, quickly read through your thoughts and ideas and thought of responding very fast as time is not on my side today.
    And here I am just finding some time to hurriedly respond to you before my hectic schedule. I have a lot lined up today as I have every day of my life.

    I was packing till 1.45 this morning. This is no ordinary packing – as you need to watch the weight of your luggae yet pack all the requisites – from a well-equipped First Aid Kit to torchlights, batteries as well as a miner’s light as at the vicinity of Everest Base Camp the buildings, tents, toilets have no electricity.

    With one eye you indeed saw / perceived/ conceived a lot – I wonder what you will do or how much more you will achieve with a pair! How lucky we are to have the power of the eye – vision!

    An interesting reflection and write-up of your experiences and thoughts about courses, privileges of attending courses and, plus points of working with the government. At least you seem appreciative. I have always been grateful to the Government too ; albeit I have grown to be a cynic occasionally.

    Yes, I go to Tanglin too – again what great service the doctors and nurses do for us. I conducted a workshop entitled ” Nurturing a passion for work” for the Tanglin Staff and was on their Advisory Panel/ Board – an NGO kind of work – just my contribution to society. We should give back to society since we have received so much! Agreed?

    Have to end now. The media is here – a photographer and media crew from one of the leading dailies in our country. I will be away but this article I have been interviewed on will appear in Saturday’s Star. I wonder if you can read it and cut it our for me bec I will be out of the country and would love to read it on my return.

    Keep writing – best way to improve.

    MRS J

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