All rise Datuk Shahrukh Khan!

I am in the midst of attending a course where a super 68-year old dame is teaching me on how to look at life postively and I promised her and the class that I wont be whining and winging anymore. But then, half an hour later I had a peek at the NST and I can’t help myself writing this piece. Malacca is at it again, for such a small state it has a distinction of playing a big role in the proliferation of Datukships every year.  Someone remarked to me that, these days, if you throw a stone randomly, there is a big probability that it will end up  hitting a datuk’s head. Well, that maybe carrying it a bit far but I am sure you get the message. That piece of news that I saw on the NST today really stunned me. Malacca is awarding to a datukship to Shahrukh Khan. Unless there is notable citizen of Malacca (or Malaysia for that matter) by that name that we do not know of, surely this man is that Bollywood King Khan. With no disrespect to the TYT, for the light of meI,  cannot see the logic of conferring such an honourable title to him. Malacca can explain all it wants, but it cannot escape the snigger from the people. On the other hand, one can argues that a certain Ms Yeoh also got her Datukship from Perak a few years ago. But she is a Malaysian, Ipoh mali mah!!


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