Sexual favours as a form of sadaqah? Man you must be joking!

I would like to quote this man who was caught in the web of intrigue of the corruption case involving the Perak Excos. The man said ” What is important is we didn’t ask for the women. He supplied them to us. If people sedekah, don’t you want to accept the sedekah?”

I was perusing through the Star that morning, and I was so riled up with the statement, I felt like sending that man a hate message. I can’t help hoping that he was misquoted by the press. But on Tv later that night, he again admitted saying those words. Wah… so brave ah…Can you imagine a Muslim not only blatantly acknowleding having illicit sex but had the gumption to casually call it simply accepting ” sedekah” (donation). Come on man, it is Ramadan. now where is your restraint? That man deserved to be hauled to the syariah court for two main offences; one for zina and another for degrading Islam – an offence not unlike the guy who drew up the Prophet’s caricature. One thing to utter those words in private, but to do it in press conference as if it was nothing, was an absolute disgrace. To top it all he is a local councillor!  I wonder if the authorities is going to charge him now.


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