A sad moment to say goodbye to Ramadan

Ramadan is almost leaving us now. Come to think of it, it maybe our last ramadan or we have to wait for another year to find a reason to wake up at 4am and eat a hearty meal, endure the the 10-minute jam at Jalan Wangsa Melawati 3 because of the bazar ramadan crowd, watching TV that were packed with saliva inducing cooking programmes, roaming the various mosques in trying to estalish the one with the shortest Tarawih (the record this year must be the Melawati, phase B mosque, which completes the 20 rakaat by 9.30pm – I stopped doing that this year), the traffic snarl at every nook and corner of KL streets prior to 7.30pm, chasing the elusive lailatul qadr, etc. So folks, aidilfitri is coming. I reckon I should be asking forgiveness to all and sundry. Yeah, minta ampun maaf to those rubbed and dubbed by my rantings. Selamat hari raya, folks.


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