You’ve got it man!

This post was actually written before Ramadan and I saved it without posting.

I was at the Tanglin Clinic the last week, three days before Ramadan, waiting for the turn for the dracula in whites of the clinic to draw my blood for yet another blood test. As I cautiously nibling at my roti bakar, yes cautiously, eversince I was diagnosed as a pathetic diabetic the other day, I tend to look at food differently these days. I would love to gobble the famous Tanglin nasi lemak which people were still queueing for event at that time (approximately 9.00am), but then my better sense tell me just to go for sugarless teh O and roti bakar, since I have to go for another blood sugar test in two hours time. When I was first diagnosed, it did not come quite as a shock since I have notice a bit of the tell tale signs months ago, but I conveniently ignore them thinking they were just apparitions. But I did reduce my sugar intake and continue my 3- time a week exercise regime. Who am I tryig to kid huh? What shocked me was the reading, 11.3 which is very high indeed.  I was told, anything above 6.00 is unacceptable but below 10 is tolerable. The doctor had the cheek to say, if I did not take all those precautions, I may have it earlier since genetically my late mother was a diabetic, so are my two eldest brothers. I was thinking since my late father and other brothers do not have it, I may escape too. Fat chance huh!!. Now I have to be very careful with my starch intake. With puasa month coming, it would be quite a challenge.

On the other hand, one ustaz was telling me that I should be grateful that I am sick. It shows that Allah is testing me and the sickness is a form of kafarah and when we sick, we normally become closer to God, pleading with Him every day to make us better. It is better that I got punished now rather than in the hereafter, which is going to be a lot more painfully severe. If we are healthy, we tend to do just the perfunctionary prayer and has a high tendency of forgetting Him. Of course I redha with all this, after all He knows best what is good for me. I just pray for his blessing.

As I was saying, one guy came over and sat opposite me. He had a plateful of nasi lemak brimming with sambal sotong which looks very enticing. As he was mercilessly gobbling up the nasi lemak, the waiter brought along a set of roti bakar and a couple of half boiled eggs and a mug of teh tarik. He polished everything before I could even come to the second para of the news that I was reading in the NST. I smiled to myself. Definitely my days of doing that are over. All those years of six-meal a day seminars plus late night teh tarik sessions have finnally came back and haunt me. I just have to grin and bear it. Adjustment is the right word. I have to adjust my lifestyle and my food intake. Good thing Allah send me early warning. I could have drop dead just like that without the opportunity to repent, redeem and readjust. I must count the blessings. In every adversity, there is the hikmah. Ustaz Nizam said, you are receiving early bala to preempt further worse damage. Alhamdulillah. Selamat menyambut Ramadan everybody.

2 thoughts on “You’ve got it man!

  1. Everybody has to watch out, not only you. The doctor said, it runs in the family, it is a question of sooner or later. If you are careful, you’ll get it later. So cut down on those Cokes, burgers, pretzels, nasi lemak, roti canai, teh tarik etc. The key word is moderation. Of course regular exercise is also necessary. Wallahualam.

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