RM5.00 for half a minute business

All KLites are familiar with this but I suppose none of us gripe  about it (except me, LOL). The other day my son developed high fever and the school rang me up so that I can pick him up from his hostel. I took him straight to a clinic and the sleepy doctor (it was only circa 11pm) made a cursory examination including the perfunctionary open-your – mouth – and – say – aaah …test and thermometer  -strip- on the – forehead – test. He claimed that my son is suffering from tonsilitis. He scratched a few notes on the piece of paper and passed it to the nurses (are they real nurses or simply assistants?). RM30 poorer, I took my son home. Two days letter, with the fever not subsiding, I took him to the clinic again and this time a different doctor was on duty. At least he took the trouble to check the BP, dabbed the stethoscope on various parts off the body, and decided to do a blood test. He was deft and his dexterity showed that he is what he is – doctor. He said  my son is still suffering from tonsilitis and his tonsils were swollen and infected. The blood count indicated that he wasn’t suffering from dengue. Another RM30 (surprisingly quite cheap bearing in mind the blood test included). Two days later, when I came back from running an errand, i saw my son has developed rashes around his body including splotches of  white- islands- on red- sea symptom. It was a dengue red alert. I took him back to the clinic for confirmation. This time a young lady doctor was in charge. She suspected dengue and decided to do another blood test. Being not so experienced she had to engage the ‘nurses’ to help her in smearing the blood on the sample stick. She had to do it twice as the first one was what she claimed as bubbly and cannot produce accurate result. The second one was slightly bubbly but she said it should be ok. The result showed white blood platelet count of 6! A normal one is above 150, i was told, and at 6,  my son would have been bleeding all over.  Suspecting something was terribly wrong with the count, I was advised to take my son to HKL. It  was  around 8pm when we reached the  emergency clinic, the doctor decided to put him under observation and did another round of blood test. The whole process ended around 11.30pm. Since it was a Sunday I could not produce the guarantee letter from school and he was warded in the third class. His bed is next to a Bangla who could speak only a smattering of BM. The next morning my son called up and said his blood count has gone up to a safe 200 and he was discharged. The hospital charge was RM45, inclusive of RM42.00 for X-ray and blood test plus RM3.00 ward charges. Definitely a lot cheaper than if I were to take him to Ampang Puteri. I was told to bring the guarantee letter from his school to get a waiver. So now I come to the crunch of my current rantings. The journey from the school to hospital and back home incurred RM3.00 toll and parking was so scarce in the HKL these days, I had to park near the IJN and the walk to and from the hospital’s admin. centre took about 20 minutes, thus incurring parking charges of RM2. So for the business of 30 seconds, the charge is RM5, roughly around 16sen per second. Now that is more expensive than watching a -two hour movie in Galaxie Ampang – RM10.00 for 120miniutes which came up to 14 sen per second.  So, that is another reason why my cousin who lived in Ipoh  called me “dermawan paksa”.


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