The auto pilot is back


A while back I wrote about my lapse into auto pilot mode which saw me reenacting the petrol station scenes in many movies where the driver simply drove off with the nozzle dangling from the pump. Well, two days ago, I almost wreck the trusted Kenari by ramming into the front gate’s kerb. I was not thinking straight, the mind was on something else. It is very dangerous lapses. Fortunately I was not on the MRR2 just yet, just outside the house. The front bumper was a writeoff item now, mangled piece of polycarbonate. Wow! Ouch! Adoi! not at a time when money is real tight. Maybe I should engage that faith healer in Johore who could smoothen dents and cracks on cars with his bare hands. Can he do it on polycarbonate? On the other hand, proper level headed analysis showed that God really loves me by providing little warning when I began to lose concentration. It could have been worse.

Speaking of autopilot, the recent concert in conjunction with oil price hike, saw this Carburettor Dung performing Nanyi Jilat and at the end of the show, the lead singer, pulled down his trousers and showed his bottom to the crowd. Well, at least he wore boxer shorts or else it could have been full moon over Stadium MBPJ. The show upset certain portion of the crowd and that guy was clobbered. And to cap it all, the band said sorry, the crowd did not understand the message in the lyrics of the song, and they have performed the song countless times,…and the band finally said… the singer must have been on auto pilot mode, as he has done it many times before.


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