A belated happy birthday my dear son.

Being born and bred in boondocks of a place like Kampung Ulu Kuang make you oblivious to the many luxurious things in life..like birthdays. In fact celebrating birthdays was a real strange concept to me until I started reading English novels in secondary schools. Then, we did not even remember our birthdays, let alone celebrating them. All I knew about a new year was, the long school holidays coming to an end and dad would start selling those herd of goats that we reared to finance our books, clothes, and school fees. Birthdyas come and gone without us noticing them. We only knew of life and death, not so much of their dates and what more of celebrating them. Old habits die hard, the saying goes, and even until now, 48 years later, I did not quite so much fuss up about birthdays. So, when the wifey, messaged me today that we have missed our son birthday yestarday, I cannot help but feeling a tad guilty. Knowing the value of birthdays to the mobile phone and internet generations, how could I missed it. No wonder he looked so glum when we visited him last Sunday. I guess, neither my wife, my youngest son, much less meself remember  his looming birthday. Sorry son. A  belated happy 16th birthday. Moga-moga Allah menjadikanmu anak yang soleh.


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