They were seven of us before, now they are three

Back in the  early 1990s, when we first moved to this “bandar dermawan paksa” , as my cousin puts it, they were seven of us. Then one of my daughter went to boarding school. Not to loose the family spirit we make it a point to visit her every weekend. Then his brother went to another boarding school, then another one. And last year, the eldest one went to Canada for further studies and last week i sent another one to UiTM Melaka.  Ironically, Atiqah is the only who never left for boarding school, who has been at home all this while,  left us last week for UiTM Malacca. I think she is coping well despite the fact that she has never been away from us for more than a couple of days – on school camping or field trips. That leaves, Syahidah with the two of us. No doubt she was in boarding school for one semester but I had to pull her back because of her unwillingness to suffer further from the boarded life. And now she is all alone at home while we are at work. The house is awfully quiet now. Suddenly you realised that, the whole years has gone past and you are back to square one albeit older and not necessarily wiser though. My poor Syahidah is holding the fort now and I can identify her loneliness after Atiqah left last week. Despite my nonchalance appearance about the whole thing, my heart bleeds for her. She is the outgoing one, despite her health concerns, she is the chirpy ones. I can still remember the days when she was in and out hospital every other month. And she still is, even the nurses at the Paediatric Institute remember her name.  God knows how she she has grown. She was the only one who started walking without going through crawling phase of her toddlers life, her medical condition did not permit her the luxury of crawling. She started walking only after she was almost two years old, give and take three months. Well, now she is well past her teens. Then, when one by one of her friends and siblings leave for further studies she was left wondering, why did she not get anywhere, anyplace. With not so favourable STPM results she had to wait. In the meantime, I am resigned to the fact that, you got married, have kids, raised them, and then they start to leave you one by one and the whole cycle starts again. As of now, they used to be seven of us…


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