Turkiye, Turkiye…are they going to do the Greeks?

After all my years of watching football, nothing could beat the drama Turkey vs Croatia in early hours of this morning, or maybe ManU vs Bayern in 1999 and Liverpool vs Milan in 2004. Imagine Croatia scoring an apparently the Goal that would take them to the semis. Who could blame them, that goal was scored well into the extra time, in fact with only about a minute to go, 119th minute and 30seconds to be precise. Even the commentator was saying the goal would surely take Croatia to the semi final of Euro 2008. All they had to do was maintain possession, packed their defence and wait for the referee’s final whistle. And with a few seconds to go, Croatia insisted on sending another substitute, an age old tactic not so much to break the rhythm of the game but to calm things down and more importantly to waste valuable time. Or else why on earth would coaches do that?, there is no injury, it is only about 50 seconds or so to go. Fortunately the good referee ignored the Croatian plea and deny them  the luxury of buying time. The referee allow  the game to flow, and within seconds, Turkey scored the equaliser. That was for the third game running, Turkey scored in the final minutes of the match. And later they beat the Crotians 3-1 on penalties. What a heart break for Croatia. With that kind of performance, we could be forgiven for thinking that Turkey would do what Greece did in 2004 – surprising everybody by winning the competition, riding on sheer grit and luck. But Turkey is definitely a better performer than Greece!


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