Incredible Hulk: Don’t make me angry, … (arrgh..Part ii)

Coming back from work today I managed to catch the midnight news that got me really riled up. There was this Tan Sri who defended the 100% pay rise to the GLC CEO ( I heard it is TNB). He said, if the CEO performed, met his KPI, it should be celebrated! He added value to the management. How I hate that word – added value.  He added further that we are not using other peoples money, it is the company’s money. Hello, Tan Sri, the GLC’s money is the rakyat’s money for God’s sake! We government servants routinely met our KPI year in year out and we did not get 10% pay rise, let alone 100%. We take it as part of the job. Mind you TNB is a monopolistic company, they should performed, there is no competition at all. Coming hot on the heels of “semua naik”, 100% increase in the pay of a GLC’s  CEO is simply obscene and stink to high heaven! And come to think of it, he is rewarded a 100% pay rise for hiking the electricity tariff. Tell him to renegotiate with the IPPs so that TNB can earn a lot more. As it is he is already earning a hefty sum. Would not it better if they reward the rank and file of TNB who are not so well off. This Tan Sri also had the cheek to add that our GLCs management  would earn a lot more if working overseas and it is dangerous if we are not paying them well. Pah…I would say it is dangerous to the the health of our GLCs to pay them astronomical sums. Remember KUB?

When the petrol price went up in 2007, I remember writing about how we are going to cope, more so in the light of the call by the certain Ministers for us to change our lifestyle. Now we also got the same message. Yeah we tried hard to adjust. I told my siblings not to visit me in KL anymore, mind you, I as the only one living in KL, people tend to converge to KL during those school holidays. I cannot afford to entertain them anymore. My in laws from Sarawak also got the same ultimatum. If  my mother inlaw insisted in coming, she’ll have to take the bus or ERL to KL Central then take the LRT to Wangsa Maju, then take the RapidKL bus to my house. I cannot afford to go to KLIA to pick her up anymore. I also told my children to stop going for school trips, just tell the teachers, the cocurricular visits are a waste of money. I insisted my son learn how to restitch or use cheap superglue to reattach the sole of his hockey boots. Better still if he can learn some carving skills so that he can hone an original hockey stick from the jambu tree. I told my wife to stop complaining about the heat when we take that Sunday drive to visit our son in Kajang. We had to switch off the aircond to conserve fuel. Just use one of those chinese fans that we usually get from the  many wedding ceremonies that we attended. Or else we’ll take the RapidKL next time. We can start at 11 am and reach his school at our normal visiting time of 3pm. We do not have to pay toll anymore. Of course we are not going to stop visiting him. After all we told him not to come back until the long holidays. We have paid all the hostel meals, he might as well consume them. I am cutting down his pocket money to RM7 per week. He can eat all he can  at the dining hall. I survived like that in my boarding school days. What else can we change, yeah, switch off that damn idiot box. I’ll walk to the NZ Restaurant to watch Euro 2008 on big screen. It would be more fun with many people screaming and shouting, do not forget to bring along that water bottle. I may get thirsty with that all that screaming. Do not worry, they won’t notice my water bottle, I’ll be discreet.

I just hope that, with that change in lifestyle, we can have enough money to pay the TNB bills. Or else we won’t be able to give that guy a 150% pay rise next time. I just hope my siblings, relatives would understand our predicaments and with all these stringent measures, our family values would be strenghtened. Yeah one final thing, I’ll wait for that heavy downpour to wash the car. Just get that rag ready. Mind you, the call to utilise storm rainwater was made by he Government many moons ago. Now we have real reason to follow.

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