Are we condoning this?

Wednesday June 18, 2008

Boy caught stealing gratings

KLANG: All he wanted was to earn some money to pay his summons for riding his father’s motorcycle without a licence. However, the 16-year-old boy was arrested for stealing drain gratings.The Form Four student and his 17-year-old friend were caught by guards in Bukit Tinggi last Thursday while removing the gratings behind a restaurant.

I chanced upon the news at the Star online paper today. Nothing new or big stuff, but if you read again, the slant of the story gave me the impression the paper is sympathysing with the the boy, a thief and a law breaker. The boy had committed double errors – riding a bike without licence and stealing. What happened next time if he extort money or snatch someone’s hand bag to pay the fines for stealing the gratings? He was caught red handed stealing the grating – an offence , plain and simple. Let the court decide whether to be lenient or otherwise, not the reporter. The boy could go and find a part time job somewhere rather than resorting to crime. As it is, I notice a growing trend in this kind of sympathy reporting, even if the subject matter is committing a crime. Call me petty, but if we condone this kind of behaviour, the country would go to the dogs soon enough. Little wonder, the yobbos culture is growing among our youth.


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