The petrol price went up again. Not that I am not expecting it, judging from the current crude oil price, it is inevitable. But then again, you still harbour the hopes that government would think of something to soften the blow. A 40% increase is definitely a hard one to swallow. Even with the cash refund that they promised, of which I am still not quite clear of the mechanism. I drive aproximately 100km perday to work and the honourable PM asked me to change my lifestyle. Why can’t the government provide an efficient public transport that can whizz me to my workplace in reasonable comfort. Then definitely I would leave the jaded Kenari at home. Mind you driving 100km per day is no luxury. It is something I wish I do not have to do. But then, what choice do I have? Hopping onto the “Not so RapidKL bus then LRT then KTM then bus then walk. It will take maybe two hours to reach my work place, that is if everything is according to schedule which unfortunately by norm they are not. That is the efficiency of our public transport system. And still the government scream at us to change our life style and use more public transport. I would like Senor Ong Tee Keat or his Assistant Senor Lajim Ukin to take the public transport to work and back just for two days and see for themselves how bad is the service. Then they can suggest to us whether we should change our lifestyle.

Amazingly, the government said all this price hike and removal of subsidies or a new structure of the subsidies would be in place by August. Then they shocked us by announcing it today. Somehow this government had a habit of not telling the truth. Well, lying maybe a bit harsh but there were a few instances before this when they  said something and soon after they do something else. Well, I do not quite know how else to tighten the belt. We are already scraping the bottom. My children is laughing at me for my affinity to store branded items rather than the famous branded ones. I see it as a simple cost cutting measure. Why should  I buy 100 pieces of Scott tissue paper at 4.99 if TESCO’s costs only 3.99. It is just tissue papers that ultimately would be thrown away no matter how expensive it is. The same goes for toilet liquid, floor cleaner, car shampoo etc. Call me stingy or what but if you are paying the bills, you’ll understand what I mean. I am bracing for the worst, especially with the two girls about to enter college soon. Heavens, Allah help me.


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