Web pages turning to cobwebs

So my previous entry was real schmuck! Tell me about it.  All those ghastly <…> and what nots were supposed to be reference citations done using EndNotes application software and I am still yet to come to grasp on how to incorporate those EndNotes into WordPress, maybe you readers out there can help me with it.

While browsing through the various pages linked to the Ministry of Education, especially those of the various divisions in the Ministry, and the stinking news is, most of the sites were not updated and fast turning into cobwebs. The shameful thing is, the main site, run by the Information Technology Division of the Ministry did not even get the name of the directors of the various divisions updated. Some names who have since retired were still listed as directors!. Imagine if the uninitiated public were to open the sites in trying to gather info about the Ministry and getting outdated info. How embarrassing. That reminds me of a University Professor who quoted the name current Director General of Education as the one who had retired four years ago. It may seems trivial but as a matter of principle, info on official sites of the government must current to the day and correct to the T. With hundreds of people obtaining info from the site everyday, it must be updated as often as practicable. For a huge Ministry like MoE, it should be done every day!. Alas, some sites still post stale two or three months old news as their latest. Maybe it is true that there is no news from those departments for the last couple of months – everybody is sleeping?


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