After the euphoria

I do not think anybody, even the most optimistic of the so called Barisan Rakyat anticipated the win for them in the recent 12th General Election. And I think that is also the reason why they are not quite ready to form a government. This is quite obvious in Perak where the jostlings for positions and posts really make you think  is the so called BR really different from the previous government? If they are really intent on serving the people, honest, transparent and all that jazz, why are are they wasting time  behaving like the old BN where everything must be proportionately divided so as to serve the rakyat properly according to their respective parties and race. The so called BR touted that PAS can represents DAP’s cause, DAP can represent PAS’s cause, PKR can represents DAP’s cause, etc… If that is so, why are the DAP and PKR are so intent on having a certain number of exco positions or even demand two deputy MBs? Perak never had had a deputy MB, let alone two. And Perak has always been multiracial and the previous government survived for 50 years with that arrangement. Have we become so racially polarised that we need a special deputy MBs to look after the chinese and Indian communities? This is the kind of contradiction that the BR government need to straighten out. They have won the election on this loose coalition hardly a week and you start to hear arrogant statements coming out of these leaders and their supporters. “We are not the opposition but government in waiting”, “UMNO is not relevant any more”, “be prepared for the BR revolution”. I reckon these people are getting too carried away with their wins and their head is getting a bit too big for their shoulders. If they cannot even sort out their power sharing arrangement in Perak, what hope do they have to rule this country? Did not they study the trend of voters in this country over the years? They said almost similar thing in 1999 when they won big and in 2004 they were almost wiped out. Did not they realised that the votes that they get were getting were mostly protest votes rather than supporting votes. You do not like the way BN ruled the country and you had no recourse of telling them to change except through the ballot box. And that was what most of the former BN voters did last Saturday. They protested in a big way. The BR must realised that and not to get too carried away. Sort all your problems and get to work!!! People do not vote you to bicker and gloat.

Having said that, we must also give the BR a chance  to prove themselves. By all means watch them, scrutinise them but do not hantam them just yet, they hardly made their moves. Give them 100 days and by all means bantai them if they do not prove to be worthy of their claims within that time. BN as well must sort themselves out. Sort the Perlis, Terengganu, Mukhriz and Khairi mess fast or risk losing further support. The mainstream media (especially UM, BH, and TV3) also must give the BR a break. Start to report news as it is rather than mismash of half truth news angled at discrediting the BR. Remember that this is one the reason why rakyat voted against BN recently – media overkill for the BN. I must say at least NT7 news tried to be balanced. The same must be said to the alternative media like, Malaysiakini, Siasah, etc – they must stop sensationalising and speculating. report news as it is, nothing more, nothing less.

Funny that, the BR gone all quiet about the SPR. All the bashing of the SPR suddenly stops because the tide turned in their favour? Not even a murmur either by the DAp, PKR or PAS. Judging by the accusations that they hurled at the SPR before this, has the SPR suddenly became fair overnight? That goes to show, all this talk about SPR being unfair has not been substantiated. In the absence of evidence to support their unfairness, we have to say they are not unfair.

Anyway, the biggest losers in this election are the political analysts, pundits, experts, and probably illegal punters as well who failed to predict accurately the outcome of the election.  Now, many can say this and that because they already have they benefit of the hindsight. As I said earlier, nobody had the slightest clue that the BN would loose Penang, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and WP KL. Well maybe some may feel that Kedah is ripe for picking. As i remember, Daim was the only one who warned the BN Government to watch over Penang, Kedah and Selangor, but then he just said these were hot spots. Unless he knew more but nobody from the BN bothered to find out.

Back to the issue of Perlis and Terengganu. This kind of things had happened before in Pahang, Perak and Selangor if I am not mistaken. But the captain of the ruling party managed to steer the ship deftly in the choppy waters. And public crisis averted. Unlike then, now things have become public jokes. The BN chief must show his dexterity in steering his boat now. As it is, there is little evidence of him being able to resolve the thing quickly and quietly. But why do Shahidan really insist to be an MB? The post must be agreeable to both parties, if nine out of fourteen do not endorese your position, you might as well be magnanimous about it say no thanks, I’ll be an ordinary assemblyman. But then again, when you practice politics of patronisation, these things happens. Fortunately, Idris Jusoh already said that he is leaving it to God. For the sake of the people  two states, the government must be up and about as quickly as possible and hit the ground running.

With the cabinet members’ announcement pending, the euphoria over the 12th GE would be the hot topic of conversations in kedai kopi, suraus, offices, roadside stalls, garden benches etc. for weeks to come.


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