The silly season is here

I’ll take a break from writing about IS success for a while since the silly season is here and I can’t resist the temptation of commenting on it. Yes it is really temptation beyond endurance. Just like that KP Nuts adverts on British TV many many moons ago. Yeah what I meant by silly season is of course the election time. That sometime festive sometime restive period that came every three to four years is here. This time I noticed the jostling and shoving for position especially in the ruling party ranks is unbelievable. Imagine the shortlist of BN in that little state of Perlis changed four times within three hours. It really made one wonders whether the Prime Minister is really the one who decides. Well, they always said that didn’t they, it is up to the Prime Minister to decide. Do not tell me that he is so fickle minded he changes his mind as often as he change his baju Melayu. If that is true, no wonder the opposition is branding him as the flip flop PM. He can’t be that bad. There were changes before but not as many as this time. In the end most of the status quo were retained to minimise revolt, I reckon. Sometimes I wonder the sincerity of the would be candidates and their supporters. If you do not pick me or our candidate, I’ll sabotage the whole machinery. So where is the pledge that normally blurted during the GM, ” I am partyman, I’ll support whatever the party decides”. “The party is bigger than me or any individual”. “No one is indispensable” …and so on are just empty talks it seems. Having said that, I must salute Mike Tyson for soldering on despite having the seat snatched from him at the eleventh hour. Real party man huh! In the vocabulary of the man Muhammad Muhammad Taib, there is no such thing as “kecil hati”, he said.

Pity my old acquaintance who was disqualified due to technical reason. He had a good chance of making a good assemblyman, but what to do, by some divine intervention he was declared not eligible after protestation from the opposition.

As predicted Sabah and Sarawak provided most of the “menang tanpa bertanding” which is really unsporting. I wonder why can’t PKR put up candidates especially in Pengerang or Sementa. PKR fought tooth and nails for seats with their BA partners, PAS and DAP, but the trouble is they do not have enough credible candidates to go round. It is so selfish of them. I cannot imagine putting up a guy as a candidate just on the evidence that he video taped this “Correct, Correct, Correct Lingam”. Surely you must have a better criteria for selection of election candidates. The days of putting up “tunggul” as Dr. M said it, is surely gone. I can relate to selection of Jeff Ooi or Dr. Lo’ Lo’ or Prof P. Ramasamy or Sulaiman Abd Rahman but not Nurul Izzah or retaining Aziz Shamsuddin or Mestika Junaidah or that Chua’s son. Maybe that is why I am not a politician, I cannot understand their ridiculous logic.

But the issue that I want to raise is the impetus that push people to do all kind of things to be selected as candidates, especially in the BN fraternity. Judging from the reports in the local media, people do all sorts of this in order to be selected. Some went to see local bomoh, bomoh Siam, Tok Pekong, Shaman, fortune tellers etc. Not to mention those who plead, goad, cry, kneel, threaten, blackmail, bribe, etc… What is this fascination to be selected as election candidates? A local media reported that for the BN candidates, the difficult part is to get selected. Once nominated, the seat is virtually yours, especially in the traditionally BN stronghold like Johore, Sarawak, and Pahang. So back to the question of, what is so special about being an MP that people fight tooth and nails over it? Is it in the name, power, money, glamour, chance to serve the people or what?

Let us examine that. Money. How much money does an MP gets, surely for people like Sulaiman Abd Rahman Taib or Effendi Norwawi or Nor Yaacob earn a lot more without being an MP. Unless, being an MP is a stepping stone or a gateway to get more contracts, more tenders, more opportunities etc…but then being in the realms of patronism politics, you need a lot more money to appease your election workers and supporters, not to mention donation, ang pows, duit raya, envelope orang kahwin, etc that an MP had to fork out. So how much money do they really make? Really make you wonder when you see an MP can build a huge palace a few years after being an voted an MP.

Power. As a politician, the power is actually within your supporters, sychopants, and runners. Being a party man, you have to abide the party rule. Maybe you have the power to scare civil servants but that is not much is it?

Glamour. What is so glamourous about having to look after clogged drains, uncollected rubbish, warring husbands and wives, sloshing in flood waters, signing endless recommendation letters, reading mountains of bills and reports, attending endless khenduris and meetings, suffering the antics of fellow MPs in Parliament…

Chance to serve. Surely if you are sincerely wanted to serve the people you can do it without being an MP. Michael Chong does it. This Noorlina does it, L. Krishnan does it, so too numerous other people.

So it is still a mystery to me as what on earth is firing inside that 89 year old lady to contest in Kuala Terengganu. Surely she can put the RM10,000 deposit to a much better use. Democracy is definitely alive and kicking here.


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