Get well soon Banardo

When I was in the project team involved in one of those MSC flagship projects, we had to attend endless negotiations with the dot com companies armed to the teeth with lawyers, technical experts, financiers, shrewd negotiators etc. The nego sessions were long, ardous and often tense. Really protracted sessions. On the government’s side we have equally formidable team, well, almost, we normally got drowned when come to finance and technicalities. If the chairman of these sessions was not careful, these nego sessions could well end up as shouting matches. Fortunately, many of the sessions were chaired by this genial, clever, funny and sharp ole school government servant. He would lightened up the sessions with punch lines, anecdotes, and latin idioms. He played a prominent part in getting the nego going smoothly and the contract duly signed within 18 months. When the project started, he was made the project coordinator (well, government service was still mired in bureaucracy those days, you won’t get promoted unless you have reached a certain age and they brought in a total outsider as the project manager). The project moved along with chairing the weekly project meetings. Then tragedy struck, he was diagnosed with non Hodgkins lymphoma. He was under treatment for a couple of years. By 2002 he had recovered, and by then he was already due to retire. He retired healthy, but unlike me who quit smoking, he continued, albeit discretely or his wife would have killed him. He enjoyed is retirement by taking up bird watching and photographing these creatures. He would regularly emails us his handiworks. He even climbed up the Kinabalu last year. I can see how as his skill improves, the photos were getting better and better. I often ask him to publish those photos but he said he is not ready and the public is not quite ready for that kind of book. Last week he msgd me saying that he has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Typical of him, he just said “God gives and God takes. It is just a blimp in my wonderful life”. He is supposed to undergo an operation today. I wish you well senor Banardo. You went thru’ it before, you can overcome it this time. God willing. I will always remember your maxim “Work for the nation, treasures in heaven” or in Malay “Berkhidmat untuk negara, khazanah di syurga”


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