Amnesty to weed out corruption?

A few weeks ago, the Sun ran an article by Nazir Razak, the CIMB boss, on corruption. He made an interesting proposition-provide amnesty to all the corrupt people and start fresh. He was citing the case of Hong Kong. In the 80’s Hong Kong was notorious as being fertile ground for corruption. You even had to pay government officials to bury the dead. The authority then realised that they had to do something to clean up their acts or else they would loose their competitive edge to Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. Since corrruption has pervaded the country so much it was almost impossible to prosecute all and sundry for their past dirty acts without endangering the whole administration would collapse. What the government did was to beef up the ACA, tightened up the anti corruption acts, provide the ACA with loads of money and then warned everybody that anybody caught after that would be severely dealt with. And the clincher was that all those involved prior to that implementation point were given a sort of amnesty. They start with a clean slate. Those in high places were asked to resign without being charged. Officers with dark past can start afresh and everybody started with a clean slate. Thereafter the the anticorruption act was strictly enforced. The reputation of the ACA grew by leaps and bounds and Hong Kong business reputation grew and investmnets poured in.

I wonder if such thing as suggested by Nazir can be implemented here. It surely needs a huge dollop of political will to do it. Maybe the BN government can do it after they obtain the anticipated 2/3 majority in the next election


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