Accountability is an alien word

As of now, thousands of consumers in golden triangle are suffering from “unscheduled” water supply interruption due to the burst water pipe in the Setapak area. The supply pipe burst due to the collapse of the retaining wall on the DUKE highway which is being built. This is the second time the highway has caused inconvenience to people (not to mention those displaced due to land acquisition). In late 2006, a portion of the flat in section 10, wangsa maju, bordering the new highway collapsed. The collapsed was also attributed to the construction of the new highway. What bothers me is that, knowing the area has a very soggy and weak land structure, an extra precaution should have been taken. Judging by the shots shown on TV3 news, the retaining wall was built just like any other highway retaining wall. I wonder if the highway runs through Damansara Heights or Sri Hartamas, would the contractor exhibited the same lackdaisical attitude? Is it because the highway runs through squatter areas and PPRT homes the company just could not be bothered? I am eager to see what happens in the Setiawangsa and Keramat area which is also being built. Has the company meet all the safety precautions in building the highway? So far the company has been very quiet, it was Syabas and the local authorities which are working doubly hard to clean up the mess. Accountability is such an expensive word.


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