We have nothing else to do…

The oncoming year of the rat really bring along a spate of bad news for the early part of the 2008. Despite the actual rat year is still not quite here yet but many people have been hailing 2008 as year of the rat since Jan 1. First we had the Y.B Minister CSL ” it is a personal friend” video scandal, then came the abduction of Sharlinie, then came the murder of Krishnasamy, all this amidst the furore over the school fees, missing cooking oil and flour. And I do not think many noticed that the MB index went beyond 1500, except those who are really into it. Well, who cares when we all know that this can be manipulated easily. But to those sundry investors, the good times of the early 90s is back. Unfortunately I do not dabble into stock market. Never has the skill, time and of course money to do it. How I wish I could be like Daim who said every once in a while he would like to make some pocket money from the stock market. At one time, the market will tumble even as he reached into his pocket to retrieve his handkerchief to stifle a sneeze!!!. That is how easy the market could be manipulated. I even wonder why they call it market, not shops, or malls, or bazaar etc.
Anyway, with the Sharlinie case and the crime rate of 14.3%, predictably all and sundry starts calling for better protection for our children. Install CCTV says the PM, watch them all the time says Sharizat, show your concern says Rosmah, do not allow them to go out alone (well Sharlinie was not alone, she was with her sister and the playgorund is full of people) and even Lee Lam Tai urges the government to form a childwatch committee (wonder how that will operate). But the cartoon in the newspaper today really says it all, instead of putting the children into virtual jail, why do not we do the obvious, jail the criminals!! and let our children roam freely. Young spirits are playful and cannot be constrained too much. They should playing happily in the courtyard, playing fileds, bendang, sungai, padang etc. That is part and parcel of healthy growing up process. If we heed all those suggestion we’ll end up having a generation of poorly sociologically developed human beings. Not to mention huge CCTV bills and maintenance costs. Somehow I can see proprietors of surveilance equipments rubbing thier hands in glee and you can almost see them salivating in anticipation. This must be a bumper rat for somebody.
We should put all efforts to remove the crime at its roots, a holistic effort should be made. Even if it means spending billions, even if it means stopping the nasty internet sites, even if it means castrating the criminals, chopping off their dicks, or whatever, to put fear into their minds. Prevention is definitely better than cure. That is the reason why Islam has an apparently harsh law. It is a preventive measure. People who have been to Mecca tell me that in Mecca, when prayer times come, the shopkeepers just leave their shops unattended and go for prayers. Nobody dares to steal anything. They do not have to grill their house better than Guantanamo jail. My friend who just came back from Dubai told me, during Jumaat, he did not have to hide his expensive pair Clarks like he has to in Masjid India or Masjid Jamek. I remember losing a pair of fake Indonesian army boots bought at the border town of Tebedu in Sarawak for RM20, in Masjid Jamek a few years back. We have come to accept these things as normal. That is why it is so endemic. Chop off their hands and legs if found guilty. Scare them into being disciplined. Something must be wrong with our technique of instilling fear and respect of Allah’s power into our people. They are not afraid of Allah. I believe, they know that Allah is omnipresent, He is watching their every move and He can even read their thinking, but they still do it. Something is wrong somewhere with our delivery system. Can we improve on that?
But then, somebody would say, we have the harshest law in drug trafficking but people still peddle drugs and harsh punishment has not been proven as a deterrent. Really? really? Have we really tried to impose the law without fear or favour, without corruptions and collusions, without interventions? How about our enforcements, are they really well equipped and trained, are there enough manpower to do the job effectively? After all there is a big difference between pedling drugs and stealing a pair of Indonesian made boots. Peddling drugs can turn you into a millionaire very quickly and after that you can afford to hire the best lawyers, pay off the authorities, put up a safe laundering front, hire a stream of runners to do the dirty work. It is really tempting, worth the chance of getting caught. Once you have made the initial money, you can safely hide behind it and do something legit. I am sure many have succeded and that is why it is still thriving.
The point I am trying to make is, why must we suffer the inconvenience to protect ourselves whereas the criminals happily do their things. It is really bizzare, instead of them being scared and taking all kind of precautions, we are. We even have to watch our kids playing in the playgrounds, cycling to schools, going for extra classes, even going to the toilets. We have nothing else to do meh..?May Allah help us.


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