We are all responsible

On the way back today, i was listening to this talk radio, Radio 24. The topic, well you guessed it…The missing Sharlinie. The two young guests were saying we should stop blaming anyone over the incident. I say, yes no one is responsible but everyone is responsible. No one is guilty, especially the parents. The guilty party is pretty obvious isn’t it – it is the criminal. He is the one responsible. Go and get him and stop blaming everyone else. Sharlinie was abducted in a the playground, somebody surely must have seen something, it is a playground which under normal condition should be full of people. Just like in the Nurin’s case, she was abducted in a pasar malam. Surely somebody must have have seen it happened. She was later put in a room somewhere. I cannot believe in KL there is somewhere so isolated that people cannot see or hear anything. Be it a link house, a rented flat, an abandonned bungalow. Don’t tell me the fella who did it live in a gated bungalow in Kota Kamuning or Damansara Heights. Even then, the maids must have seen or heard something. Judging by the injury that she suffered, there must be a lot of screaming. Somebody somewhere must have heard something or seen somebody. The problem is that we are not ‘cakna’ enough or we are not told what to look or hear. We simply cannot be bothered. Why should we, it is not our kid. That is the problem. People must be adviced to keep their eyes and ears open. See or hear something suspicious, report or get the neighbourhood to investigate. And the authorities must make the procedure easy for the informer. Lets pray that with the amount of publicity surrounding the Sharlinie’s case, it would different.
One caller was talking about how irresponsible parents kept losing their children in the busy shopping malls. We should be familiar now with the ‘ting..tong…ladies and gentlemen…please can i have your attention, we have here a 8-year old Malay boy wearing…..’ at the malls. The caller even suggest that we leave our children at home (with whom?, the foreign maids?, what happen to family outing and bonding advice). Anyway, I think the caller had no idea about how active our ‘DHA,AA, MOA, H2A, taurine, calcium rich’ milk guzzler’s children are. You take your eyes off them for a second, they are gone playing hide and seek behind those aisles, especially those with toys and fanciful candies. Well, you can always put them on leashes like those doing walkies in the park with their mongrels. I would suggest we train them to remember the names of their parents, or better still their phone number (that maybe possible with smart kids who can read and count at the age of four or five these days). Better still, always write down your name, address and contact number and stuff it in their shirt or trousers pockets or hair plaits. If anybody find them crying, they can quickly contact the parents.
Going back to the point that we are all responsible. Malaysia is quite famous for their powerful bomohs/pawang/medium/sami who can easily remotely harm others with even the flick of their hands. I heard a lot of stories of business being ruined due to this charms spelled by business rivals. Why don’t these people use their skills to better use and put fear and restlessness into these abductors so much so that they would returned the abductee. I have seen thieves returned a talking parrot to the owner, a few days after stealing it. Well, maybe this has been done quietly.
Whatever it is, we must make an effort to be more concerned about our neighbours. Always check the goings on in our neighbourhood. Better be safe than sorry.

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