Reverse regulations

What happened in Setapak-Wangsa maju yesterday reminded me of an article in the Drive, the magazine for AAM members. The piece was about experiments in Sweden, Holland and German (I think) of using what is termed as “reverse regulations”. In the experiment, a road junction where normally a set of traffic lights and the usual array of traffic signs crowded the junction were completely removed. The idea was to allow road users to use their own sense of safety rather than being control by a set of artificial systems to proceed. So drivers, cyclists, joggers and even walkers would approach the junction more slowly, more cautiously; look left, look right, look left again, and if the junction is clear, move forward. According to the report, as a result of total removal of the traffic lights and road signs, the accident rate on that junction has been reduce by as much as 50%. This is really amazing, I wonder if our MIROS is studying the idea. In the light of the recent spate of fatal accidents and ever increasing accidents rate in this country, something as dramatic as that may be needed.
A similar situation happened at the Selangor Pewter-Setapak Jaya-Wangsa Maju junction when the power supply for the Wangsa Maju area was cutoff for a few hours, unfortunately it was total chaos at the junction, so much so that traffic almost come to an standstill. Everybody wants to move forward with no regards to others and as a result everybody is stuck in the middle of the road. Lesson learnt here, it may worked in Holland or Sweden, unless our drivers change their selfish attitude to a more considerate ones, I wonder whether it will work here. Well, at least at the Setapak-Wangsa Maju Junction. So much for “reverse regulations”.

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