Are we that ignorant?

Entering the mosque for Friday prayer today, I noticed the “Switch off your hand phone” sign put up courtesy of TM. Of course the sign has been there for months but the thought struck me today, do we really need those singages to tell us to do what we are really supposed to do. We see many of these signs everywhere such as “Dilarang membuang sampah merata-rata”, “Gunakan jejantas untuk melintas”, or a more polite ones “Terima kasih kerana tidak merokok”, Terima kasih kerana menjaga kebersihan” etc. What actually struck me was, are we really that ignorant that we really need a constant reminder to tell us to do things that we should naturally do in the first place. If you are entering a mosque or a meeting, is it not natural thing to do to silent your handphones before we kneel in front of Allah in total submission. Do we want, “Dancing Queen” or “chirping birds” or some obscure ring tones to disturb our concentration and others? Surely things could wait till after the prayer is done. After all these years prior to the advancement of hand phone, we can do without them. Surely things can wait for a few minutes. The same argument is also valid for other cases. Are really willing to risk our lives crossing the busy roads by dashing across just like that? Do we really need other people to remind us that look after our lives? Are we really that ignorant or plain stupid?


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