Am I losing it?

A few incidents recently got me thinking, am I starting to lose it?
Ponder these:
1. At a petrol station, I parked the car at a particular dispensing pump, paid the cashier and I drove off without realising I have not pumped in the fuel. The realisation came only about a km away. I quickly turn back and fortunately no other car has used the pump in the interim.
2. Still at a petrol station, I paid the cashier and asked for a RM30 refill. I quickly went back to the pump to fill up and the cashier had to use the intercom to tell me that I had forgotten to collect my change, I gave him RM50.
3. My daughter asked me to send her to her class party at Hotel Vistana. He reminded me a few times that it was at Hotel Vistana. and I smugly tell her I have been living in KL for 17 years. I know my way. I end up at the foyer of Hotel Dynasty! Somehow in my mind something told me to go to Dynasty. Strange. Had to make a difficult U turn, much to the chagrin of my daughter.
4. As a PIBG committee member, I was invited to attend a dinner function organized by the school. It was at Hotel DePalma, Ampang. I arrived early, and asked the guard where to park my car. He politely tell me that I have to pay RM3 asked where is the function to be held. I showed him the invitation card and he politely again gave me direction on how to go to from Hotel Flamingo to Hotel DePalma. You see, I had it wrong again and ended up in Hotel Flamingo instead of DePalma. The guard was kind enough to refund my RM3. Not that I did not know these hotels, I have patronised them countless of times. I know how to get there like the back of my hands. Somehow somewhere, in those two occasions I was on autopilot that have been wrongly computed.
5. I went to the library and found a book which is very relevant to the research that I am doing at the moment. I borrowed the book and as soon as I went back to the office, a copy of the same book was already on my table with the familiar highlights in various pages!

Now you tell me, am I losing it?


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