Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

To all of you out there, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. As Malaysians, we all celebrate the event irrespective of our religions. This is clearly evident by the number of people who attended the PM’s open house.
For the hari raya holiday period we went back to Perak after the Aidilfitri prayer. The journey on the Plus highway was quite pack in the areas around Rawang to Tanjong Malim. The rest of the journey was a breeze. What irked me was the attitude of some of the drivers who fond of using the left emergency lane to cut queues and shamelessly cut back inside when there is something in front. The very act of cutting back inside would entailed disruption to the flow of the traffic in the inside lane. The oncoming cars would have to brake and slow down to give way to these morons, thus slowing down the general flow of traffic in that lane. This result in traffic coming to a halt altogether at the end of the queue. Under normal days it may not cause any disruption but when the lane is full of slow but smooth flowing cars, the flow is definitely interrupted and inevitably cause the traffic jam. It was not particularly heavy going on that day but still these miscreants zoomed past in the emergency lane and cut back inside whenever they feel like it. I do not think this people are low on intelligence or have not heard of the regulations. Judging by the cars that they drove on that day, there were the Mercs, Harriers, Estimas, Beemers, Perdanas, and the cheapest were the Wiras. People who drive these cars cannot be stupid or low intelligence. They must be of some standing in the society and must be earning handsome pay packets to own and drive those machines. Corollarily, they must be really highly educated or at least know how to read and write and do the sums. I do get the impression that these people are so used getting things their way, a simple act queuing up is degrading and take the shine of their social standing and wasting their precious time. After all these years of campaigning, I do not think these people lacks education. They simply do not bother. If you think that only happen in KL or on the highway, no it is the Malaysian thing. I experienced the same thing while queuing up at the railway crossing in Kamunting, Taiping. They simply know that nothing would be done to them except for some silent expletive or curses from others. We need to hit them with the big stick and consistently too. I bet if the same people were to drive in Singapore or UK, they would not do such things, knowing very well that they would dealt with heavily. That is what we should in Malaysia – hit them hard and be consistent about it so that the message is loud and clear. You flout the rules, we hit you hard. Alas, we only hear of action whenever there is some disaster occurs. Even then it will taper off within a few days or at most weeks.Such reactive attitude from the authorities really fuel up the arrogance of these drivers. Ican almost hear them saying, “I do this all the time, tak ada apalah…tak ada hal punya..”


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