Salam Ramadan to everybody.

Two things happened recently really put a sobering thought into my mind. The first regarding somebody who was virtually effectively constructively evicted from his/her position in the office. (That was how I was made to understand on the circumstances of his/her transfer. I believe, constructive dismissal has a specific meaning in the HR world, but in the Government Department constructive dismissal is rare but constructive removal and transfer is quite common. All the boss has to do is make life for the officer miserable either by continuously harassing him/her or completely ignore him/her untill he/she felt utterly useless. Sooner or later he/she would ask for a transfer). In this case, the officer moved to another division. Two years down the road, last week, the officer was installed by the ministry as the new big boss of the place . One minute you were down the next minute you were up. Swift justice you may say. The other event was a sheer embarrassment to me. How would you feel when Abba’s Dancing Queen suddenly blared from your pocket right in the middle of Tarawih solat in a hushed mosque full of people seeking repentance from Allah?. Thats what happened to me yesterday when the Dopod S300 decided to have a life of its own in my baju Melayu’ pocket. Cheap Dopod. You see, I was careful, I put the thing in silent mode as I entered the mosque. Unfortunately that only silenced the ring tone not the MP3 and media player. The Dopod is one of those handy gadget that has soft touch music playing button on its body. A slight touch of a correct button, the music will automatically starts, much like a sexual trigger. Well what happened yesterday was, somehow in the pocket together with the car keys, THE BUTTON was touched and the music was arranged alphabetically and ABBA was the first one to go – hence the blaring Dancing Queen. Fortunately it was during the last tahiyyat of the last rakaat. I was frozen with embarrassment and shame, yet the hand was itching to switch off the embarrassing sound. My concentration in the prayer was totally gone and I am sure the guys around me were cursing. As soon as the imam gave the salam, I quickly gave mine and swiftly jumped to the nearest exit. That must be the fastest 5m dash I have ever done. I felt like a complete idiot. A few weeks before, I was quietly cursing a guy in the surau for letting his hand phone ringing while praying in congregation despite the sign put up by the good ole TM to switch off that damn thing. And yesterday it happened to me. Swift justice again. The moral of the story, Allah always know how to mete out justice. Everything happens for a reason, never curse other people wrong doing or it will quickly bounced back to you.

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