As part of the Merdeka celebration, we went to see the International Tattoo show at the Merdeka Stadium on Friday. Honestly, I have not been to the Stadium for a long time. It looks very small and antiquated now. Having paid only RM5 entrance fee we have to make do with the open space, the sky started to open up by 10pm. With nowhere to go, we had to endure the rain, fortunately it was not that heavy. The show itself was a bit of a drag, with band after band performing. I expected some forms of real tattoo (meaning Mat rempit like ride, acrobats, combats etc), but with all the marching band performing it got a bit boring after the four or five countries. Brunei did light up their performance with their joget. The bit of acrobats came when it was already raining. We were more intent in keeping ourselves dry than watching the show. With the place filled up to the brim we had to stand all along – a bit of a strain to my weak calves.
The show ended circa 11.30pm and we trooped back to the Maharajalela station. We decided (well, I decided) to take the monorail to bypass the anticipated road jam. The waiting at the station was longer than usual, normally a train would have arrived after 3 mins. Going back to Titiwngsa Station we had to wait at Platform A. The PA system blared a few times warning commuters not to stand beyond the yellow line but there was no explanation on why the train was delayed. Then a man wearing the KL Monorail uniform came informing us at the crowded Platform A that the train to Titiwangsa will now stop at Platform B. Train coming to Platform A was having technical problems. We quickly went down the tunnel and trudged back up the stairs to Platform B. Pity those families with babies and toddlers. After about a minute, a train came to platform B but went past it. I thought that must be the train with problems. Soon after another train came but not to Platform B but at the now almost empty Platform A. It stopped and some passengers boarded the train. It waited for a minute or so. Since nobody inform us that the train would take us to Titiwangsa, we kept waiting on Platform B. Soon the train moved and then only we realised that was the train that was suppose to take us to Titiwangsa. Many of us we angry at the officers for not informing us. The man simply said the problem had been fixed. We trooped back to Platform A and the next train only arrived at 1236am and we reached home well past 1.00am. So much for avoiding the jam. What irked me was the indifference of the officers in charge. If they can use the PA system many times to inform us not to cross the yellow line, why can’t they inform us about the proper train to take? Somehow, it struck me that, a few times I took my wife on the public transport, there were always long delay. You see, my wife is rather sceptical of the public transport in KL – despite all the stories of vast improvements in the last few years. Last year I took her on a bus ride to KL, the journey was fast the waiting for the bus back took us more than an hour. Funny thing was, I took the same route on my own the week before, it was a breeze. I waited less than 5 mins for the bus! The same thing happened last month at the Wangsa Maju LRT station, we had to queue for half an hour to get the tickets with the damn vending machine can only take coins. Somehow I get this sneaky feeling that the public transport companies are conspiring against my wife!


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