Rebas Viii

Well it has been quite a while. Yesterday I read this interview with Sulaiman Abdullah, a prominent lawyer, the former Bar council chairman, former Anwar Ibrahim’s defence lawyer and also JAWI defence lawyer in the Lina Joy’s case, in a magazine called Off the Edge. Some of his answers to the interview questions left me wondering, what he was trying to say. One thing is clear, he was saying we must interpret our constitution within the framework of Malaysian environment, not measuring it against the framework of UK, India or USA or elsewhere. Then only we can get the correct perspective of issues like freedom of expressions, human rights, freedom of practicing one’s faith, etc. The trouble is, some of our vocal human rights advocators, use outsiders framework to measure against our consti. That’s when things go haywire. Of course they said basic things like human rights is universal and should be the same everywhere. How could it be. Man gave definitions to things based on their experiences, common sense and environments. Many things will vary.


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