Rebas VI

I am glad that today, NST chief editor, Syed Nazri, wrote on the increasing violent crimes in this beloved land of ours. Glad in the sense that, being a big and influential fella like him taking the cue, hopefully something drastic could be done to improve the situation, by everybody. People said we invite crimes by being careless. We should lock our dwellings, cars, not going out at night or walk alone in dark places – we are being imprisoned by the criminals. But who gave them the right to rob, rape, injure and murder other people for no reasons?It is them who should be imprisoned not us. These few weeks, we read several heinous violent and brutal crimes that were unheard of before. Top of the list was of course the murder case on trial beginning this week. How could you, in the time of peace, detonate another human being, just to obfuscate some threats. Kadir Jasin said, in jest I presumed, “never detonate your lover”. Surely this episode add a new dimension to lovers tryst. I thought it could only happen in movies or is it a case of actions inspired by movies? But somehow, I have this feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. Just like the jam in KL, the flash flood, the smog, the mat rempits, we just had to take it and hope and pray that it won’t happen to us. We have descended to that level of hopelessness. Something are terribly wrong somewhere. What are we going to do about it?
According to the ustaz in my surau the increasing number of cases of brutal and violent murder and rapes were a sign from Allah that we have deviated from His path. We may have succeeded in developing the country physically but the spiritual development lagged behind. But to me that is all talk. After all these years of Forum Perdana, Pusat Islam, JAKIM, JAIS, JAWI, KAFA Integrasi, baiti jannati, etc and all kinds of religious activities by various religious groups, not much have improved. Maybe AlArqam had a better success in inculcating sense of purpose and moral values among its disciples, but the Government chose to ban them.


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