REBAS IV – Complicated Pirates

Last night, we decided to go to the movies. when I asked, what movies, the rest of the family answered Shrek 3 in unison. I was the only dissenting one who wanted to see the Pirates of the Carribean 3. Since , I was paying, the veto power has to be wielded. I felt like George Bush. The Cineplex is only 6km away but the journey took half an hour. The wifey took a jibe, saying if we were going to KLCC, we should have been there by then. I said , the place we are going, we do not have to pay RM3 toll, RM5 parking, and RM11 per person for the tickets – a saving of nearlyRM25. Yeah, then you have to endure half an hour’s jam and bumpy ride, my daughter interjected. Shut up, you are not paying. Of course you cannot win them all. There has to be some sort of off set somehow. Anyway we made it within ten minutes into the show, the trailers already playing. The movie itself was not as exciting as the first two. I found it rather confusing and complicated. The wifey did not understand it at all – that is understood because she dozed off quite a few times, much like our PM, and on top of that she did not watch the first installment. But on the whole it was a drag. Why Davey Jones had to kowtow to the EECo?. Why is Calypso tied up? Why Davey Jones betrayed Calypso? Why Brethren Court existed in the first place? Why, how, what and all the w’s kept popping out from the wife and I could not answer. So was my daughter who had watched the complete trilogy. And my bottom was numbed by the time the movie ended, the hard RM9 per person seat put paid to that. Well you cannot win them all. I must admit, like AAB, I dozed off quite a few times as well. Well, now everybody said we must go and see Shrek 3, and I said, heck, gaji baru belum dapat lagi!!!


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