Rebas II

Emm.. today I was intrigued by this column by Hasrizal Jamil in the Karangkraf publication called simply, i. It is a monthly publication. Hasrizal is a regular columnist and for June he was commenting on his experience in Galway, Ireland, or Galway’s Council rather. His contention was that the Galway Councl is so meticulous is ensuring the rubbish recycling programmes is working, the council even wrote warning letters to household which placed their rubbish in the wrong bin. You see, each household is given three bins so that their rubbish can be separated and disposed off properly. If you put wrong garbage in the wrong bin, you’ll be fined by the council after three warnings. Hasrizal further iterated that, amazingly this kafir council is acting in a more islamic way than the so called islamic countries as far as environmental protection and cleanliness is concerned. Some imams, tuan guru, penceramah and all that jazz speak of Islam as a religion that place a premium on cleanliness. But the suraus and mosques toilets are dirty, the compunds are littered with rubbish. They themselves hardly concerned about personal and household hygene, they throw rubbish everywhere, some of them even smoke and never bother to separate their household garbage. So cakap tak serupa bikin. I remember Dr Asri, the Perlis mufti also spoke about this in one of his column in the Mingguan Malaysia. In fact he went a step further by saying that, the Islamic preachers spoke of Islam as a peaceful religion but at the same time they are hammering the Jews, the Hindus, the Christians,the governments, all and sundry, on top of their voices which further enhancedby by the loudspeakers, as if they are starting a war! All over the world we see that Islam is associated with violence. We see that in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh. So where are the images that shows Islam is a peaceloving religions? Islam is a peaceful religion, the very word Islam itself connotes peacefulness. Unfortunately, the peacefulness have been hijacked by religious zealots who cakap tak serupa bikin.
On a different note, I am learning on something called path analysis to measure latent variables in statistics. Can anybody suggest a good introductory book on this? I am thoroughly confused by the current book that I am reading and I thought I should try to find some good introductory materials on this subject.

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