Rebas – First drops

Hello everybody,
I am new to this. As an introduction let me explain the title of this blog – REBAS (pronounced as in REBAH, RESAH or REDAM in Malay). Rebas (in my kampung they called it rebeh) in Perak Malay lingo means a slight rain or drizzle. Sometimes if you walk below a big leafy tree in the village after moderate to heavy rain and something shakes the tree, the shiny water droplets collected on the leaves would fall as rebas as well. Somehow rebas always comes with sunshine and you can see the droplets sparkling on the leaves.
I hope my postings would be like rebas – slight and abruptly drizzly not intending to drench anybody. Rebas can fall anytime, anywhere. Likewise, mine would be on any topic that takes my fancy anytime, anywhere, but never heavy, in keeping with the rebas.
As you can guess by now, I grew up in little village in Perak where rebas happen quite often. But having living in the capital city for good many years, I cannot really say I have experienced any rebas, more of acid rains rather.
The first few drops of the rebas today is on the newly announced naik gaji for the civil servants – quite a hefty quantum by Malaysian standards. I do not know what is the government actual intention in giving such a huge increase. After all they have never done it before. It is quite reckless I think. Why is it suddenly the government so appreciative of the civil servants? Maybe they should increase it to such a sum that is comparable to our southern neighbour in order to attract a more competent people to join the service. In the meantime, cut the excess fats and trim the service to a more lean and mean machine. I am worried that the rise would eventually wipeout by the gradual increase in living costs. Mind you as it is now, prices have started to creep up. My average weekly supermarket trolleyful of household needs in January is definitely less than the average in April or May. Come to think of it, I would rather see the government not giving us any increment but cutting down on fuel and gas prices, toll, parking, income tax, books, etc.
Having said that, being a typical toeing the line Malaysian citizen, I must say, thank you Pak Lah.
Alhamdulillah. Eventually everyone would benefits. They should have done it many years ago before my credit cards debt ballooned to the current level. Well thats another ensemble of rebas droplets!


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